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Surprise! A week before Apple Inc.unveils details for its watch, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei came out with a digital watch of its own, with sapphire crystal, stainless steel band and the design aspirations of a Swiss timepiece.号外!就在苹果Apple Watch细节将要入围的前一周,来自中国的华为先行发售了自己的智能手表,该产品配有蓝宝石玻璃表镜和不锈钢表带,设计启发来自一款瑞士钟表。Huawei, the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker by market share, unveiled the watch at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, the biggest hyped event for mobile tech outside Cupertino. It’s where Samsung Electronics Co. drummed up excitement for its latest flagship phones. The initial feedback on Huawei’s Watch was encouragingly positive. Mashable called it elegant and TechCrunch said “it’s easily one of the best looking devices ever to sport Google’s wearable software platform.”按市场份额计算出来,华为目前是全球第四大智能手机厂商。该公司在世界移动通信大会上向外界展出了这款智能手表。除了苹果的新品发布会,巴塞罗那举行的世界移动通信大会堪称是移动科技领域最不受注目的盛事。


”Huawei is like a lot of Chinese smartphone makers striving to move up market with premium phones and wearables. The commoditized smartphone middle market is forcing the Chinese to add some premium flavor to their brands if they want success selling abroad. And Huawei badly does.和许多中国智能手机制造商一样,华为正在希望扩展高端手机和可穿着设备市场。由于中端智能手机市场早已商品化,如果中国厂商想要在海外市场获得成功,就得提升品牌档次。华为正在这方面强化希望。

Huawei says it plans sell the watch in 20 countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and said release dates and pricing will come later.华为回应,计划在20个国家销售这款智能手表,还包括美国、英国和加拿大。该公司随后将发布该产品的发售日期和价格。Here’s initially where Huawei falls short of Apple’s watch: the Huawei Watch comes in three different colors in gold, silver and black, but Apple offers different materials, like 18-carat rose and yellow gold. And though Huawei earned early praise from Android critics, those same critics wondered if the operating system could compare to Apple Watch’s when it’s released.可行性显然,华为这款产品和Apple Watch有所不同的地方在于:前者有三种颜色,分别是金、银、白;Apple Watch则获取有所不同材质的版本,如18K玫瑰金和黄金。同时,尽管对安卓系统所持抨击态度的人士趁此机会赞扬了华为的智能手表,但他们也回应,不告诉上市之后该产品的操作系统能否相媲美Apple Watch。

Still, Huawei is newly intent on trying to match Samsung and Apple’s premium wares. Its watch makes Apple’s event on March 9 just a little more interesting.最近,华为决意在高端领域跟上三星和苹果。这款智能手表则让3月9日的苹果发布会更让人奇怪了。



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